Kaj Lehmann



This book tells the 100 year long process of exploring and mapping the largest cave in Switzerland, and is released to celebrate a total length of 200 kilometers. The book is edited by Kaj Lehmann and Angela Meier with much help from the scientists of the AGH. The book contains a complex map – developed by Raphael Schoen – which references to the contents of the book and vice versa. It was awarded as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books in 2015.


Publisher:Hier und Jetzt


Collaboration:Simon Rüegg

Size:185 × 280 mm

The "Akte Zollhaus Luzern" is a publication documenting the short existence of independent Lucerne-based off-space "Zollhaus".


Publisher:Präsens Editionen


Collaboration:Raphael Schoen

Size:165 × 210 mm

Book for the 15th anniversary of the lucerne based radio station 3FACH. Edited by Angela Meier and Andreas Gantner. Among some funny essays it contains a fantastic set of photographs by Dominik Hodel.


Publisher:Maniac Press & Radio 3FACH


Size:140 × 227 mm

Apprenticeship in Typesetting in Zurich. BA in Graphic Design at the Lucerne University of Applied sciences and Arts (HSLU). MA in Type Design at the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL).


Co-Founder and creative direction of Präsens Editionen.

Recently relocated to Zurich, following an independent practise.


Recent and current projects: