Kaj Lehmann
Lausanne \ Lucerne

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Redesign of the corporate identity for the foundation Akku Emmen which is curated by Lena Friedli.


Collaboration:Dorothee Dähler, Simon Rüegg, Raphael Schoen

The "Lucerne Poster Scene" was invited by CIG-Chaumont – under the artistic direction of Étienne Hervy the most exciting graphic design festival at the time. We were asked to develop the exhibition and the poster for it. It shows insight into it's networks from our personal perspective.


Collaboration:Dorothee Dähler, Erich Brechbühl

After an apprenticeship as typesetter and a BA in Graphic Design at the Hochschule Luzern, settling in Lucerne to work on editorial projects and posters in the cultural field. Founding Präsens Editionen with Remo Bitzi, Michael Volken, Marc and Guy Schwegler, which is best known for its zweikommasieben Magazine on contemporary club culture. Currently relocated to Lausanne for further studies in type design at ECAL’s new master programme.



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