Kaj Lehmann



zweikommasieben Magazine #17 was designed in an aesthetics of speed, but it became ultimately a reflection on acceleration and deceleration. This project was part of my diploma at the Master in Type Design at ECAL in Lausanne. More infos here.



Publisher:Präsens Editionen


Size:240 × 312 mm

A magazine is supposed to keep the readers attention by interrupting reading-text with quotes, images, large titles, white spaces. In this issue of the zweikommasieben magazine we did the opposite: we split the magazine into four sections: images, quotes, texts and ads. The contents of each section are linked to each other with a numeric system. This enables the reader to directly compare e.g. quotes from various artists in different interviews.


Issue:#12, Winter 2015

Publisher:Präsens Editionen


Collaboration:Simon Rüegg and Raphael Schoen

Size:210 × 328 mm

In this issue we were playing with gravity: While the main texts are "standing" at the bottom, images, titles and quotes are floating to the top and stacking each other down into the main texts, ultimately creating quite unexpected layouts.



Publisher:Präsens Editionen

Collaboration:Simon Rüegg and Raphael Schoen

zweikommasieben is a Swiss magazine that has been devoted to the documentation of contemporary music and sounds since the summer of 2011. The magazine features artist interviews, essays and columns as well as photography, illustration and graphics.


Issue:#9, June 2014

Publisher:Präsens Editionen


Collaboration:Simon Rüegg and Raphael Schoen

Size:180 × 275 mm

Following up on an invitation by Nadine Wietlisbach, Remo Bitzi and Kaj Lehmann hosted a series of cocktail-nights at the art-space Sic!-Elephanthouse in Lucerne. A documentation of the research with interviews, essays, and a neat selection of cocktail-recipes was done in collaboration with Dorothee Dähler. (Printing with neon-colors).


Issue:Released together with zweikommasieben Magazine #8

Publisher:Präsens Editionen

Collaboration:Dorothee Dähler

Size:200 × 290 mm

Apprenticeship in Typesetting in Zurich. BA in Graphic Design at the Lucerne University of Applied sciences and Arts (HSLU). MA in Type Design at the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL).


Co-Founder and creative direction of Präsens Editionen.

Recently relocated to Zurich, following an independent practise.


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