Kaj Lehmann
Lausanne \ Lucerne

+4178 609 54 04 


Lettering for a Präsens Editionen scarf. Made in a course of Matthieu Cortat at écal. Photographs by Robert Świerczyński. Drop me a line if you want one.


Publisher:Präsens Editionen

Size:1750 × 250 mm

PE-010 is a split tape between Belia Winnewisser and L.Zylberberg. Printed on glossy Splendorlux, both sides show free digital compositions.


Publisher:Präsens Editionen

Size:105 × 65 mm

Spektra is a research journal, tool and object by Dorothee Dähler and Kaj Lehmann. Parts of this publication are printed with invisible colors that glow under UV light. Have a listen to the mix by Leisure Options for the release fest.


Publisher:Präsens Editionen, sic! Raum für Kunst


Collaboration:Dorothee Dähler

Size:210 × 267 mm

Record cover for the Berlin based artist Dane//Close.


Publisher:Präsens Editionen

Collaboration:Dorothee Dähler

Size:12 Inch

Following up on an invitation by Nadine Wietlisbach, Remo Bitzi and Kaj Lehmann hosted a series of cocktail-nights at the art-space Sic!-Elephanthouse in Lucerne. A documentation of the research with interviews, essays, and a neat selection of cocktail-recipes was done in collaboration with Dorothee Dähler. (Printing with neon-colors).


Issue:Released together with zweikommasieben Magazine #8

Publisher:Präsens Editionen

Collaboration:Dorothee Dähler

Size:200 × 290 mm

After an apprenticeship as typesetter and a BA in Graphic Design at the Hochschule Luzern, settling in Lucerne to work on editorial projects and posters in the cultural field. Founding Präsens Editionen with Remo Bitzi, Michael Volken, Marc and Guy Schwegler, which is best known for its zweikommasieben Magazine on contemporary club culture. Currently relocated to Lausanne for further studies in type design at ECAL’s new master programme.



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