Kaj Lehmann
Lausanne \ Lucerne

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Synt is a typeface originally made for zweikommasieben Magazine #17, as part of my diploma in at ECAL. The typeface has two key key features: Rhythmified spaces inside and inbetween the letters, and a exaggerated slant angle. The typeface is cross-compatible across three axis, of which six cuts were used in the magazine.



Interpretation of the Century Old Style made by Morris Fuller Benton between 1908 and 1909.


Size:210 × 297 mm

Barcode lettering made during a workshop at ECAL with Prof. Kai Bernau. Each letter is printed with a thermal printer. As a gimmick, each letter can be read with a barcode-scanner.


Collaboration:Malte Bentzen and Guillaume Jean-Mairet

After an apprenticeship as typesetter and a BA in Graphic Design at the Hochschule Luzern, settling in Lucerne to work on editorial projects and posters in the cultural field. Founding Präsens Editionen with Remo Bitzi, Michael Volken, Marc and Guy Schwegler, which is best known for its zweikommasieben Magazine on contemporary club culture. Currently relocated to Lausanne for further studies in type design at ECAL’s new master programme.



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