Kaj Lehmann
The exhibition Character Roots was part of Weltformat Festival in Lucerne 2018. It took a glance at today’s Czech designers and showcased a selection of typographic posters. By comparing contemporary posters with editorial design from previous generations, the curators invited visitors to search for and find links between the past and the present. The exhibition was complemented by a video work by Daniela and Linda Dostálková. The exhibition included works by: 20yydesigners, adela&pauline, Ondřej Báchor, Zuzana Burgrová, Tomáš Celizna, Martin Groch, Heavyweight, Jan Horčík, Cindy Kutíková, Laborator, Adam Macháček, Štěpán Marko, Jiří Mocek, Marek Nedelka, Jan Novák, Parallel Practice, Radim Peško, Martin Vácha, Daniel Vojtíšek, Nikola Wilde.
Ondřej Báchor, Xavier Erni, Thuy-An Hoang
Hu Jung-Ting